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Acquiring a new customer is 5X more expensive than retaining an existing one. 


In the cut-throat world of enterprise SaaS sales, organizations that implement creative customer marketing and advocacy programs will reduce churn and increase loyalty, satisfaction, and customer lifetime value. 

Notable Marketing works with marketing and customer success teams to identify the critical points at which customer marketing can make the most impact.

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Customer marketing holds the key to customer retention, loyalty, advocacy, and recurring revenue. The right strategy and mix of customer marketing programs will determine the success of any fast-growing, enterprise SaaS technology company.  


Notable Marketing's tailored, strategic customer marketing programs include: 

  • Buyer-specific Engagement Programs

  • Customer Onboarding 

  • Advisory Boards

  • Reference Programs

  • Referral Programs

  • Customer Events

  • Customer Awards Programs

  • User Groups

  • Product & Design Councils

  • Online Communities

  • Customer Communications



Customer advocacy programs elevate brand awareness, market credibility, and spread word-of-mouth marketing much more effectively than ever before. 

And with 52% of B2B buyers saying peer reviews and referrals are their most favored content in the buying cycle, companies without a solid advocacy program  will miss out on a huge revenue opportunity.  


Notable Marketing was one of the industry's first to create customer advocacy programs for some of the most successful technology companies that drove significant market recognition and revenue. 

Let us help you strike the right chord with your  customers and create the advocacy programs that will take your organization from good to great.

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Notable Customer Marketing Clients

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