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Our Mission

Every company has a story to tell. We'll define yours and tell it in a way that is relevant, bold and impactful. 


Notable Marketing propels companies into the spotlight through our unique combination of marketing programs and services. If you’re looking for marketing messages that stand out, ways to mobilize your customers to champion your brand, or PR and influencer programs that get you noticed, Notable Marketing can help. 

Kate has more than 20 years of experience executing PR, marketing and customer marketing programs that drive revenue and market recognition for emerging tech companies including HireVue, Taleo, SelectMinds, and Coveo. 

With a passion for story telling, she founded Notable Marketing to help emerging tech companies find their voice, create compelling messaging and tap into the power of their customers for market recognition. 


A skilled communicator, Kate has developed brand messaging and has seen several powerhouse enterprise SaaS organizations through a variety of major corporate milestones including re-brandings, acquisitions, an S-1 filing, IPO, and various rounds of VC funding.


Kate pioneered the role of Customer Marketing for B2B organizations, having been one of the first in the industry to serve in that position while at HireVue. She built the company’s program from the ground up, launching its first Customer Advisory Board, customer onboarding and adoption program, community, and advocacy programs.


Kate is also a classical flutist, tennis player and mom to two boys.

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Kate Lukach

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Diana Mitchell is a 20-year marketing veteran and former marketing VP with 7+ years in HR tech and nearly 15 years experience in staffing + recruiting. Notably, Diana was formerly the head of content at Sense, a talent engagement platform. 


Diana has placed client bylines in publications like Fast Company, Forbes, and, and has written articles (under her own byline) for Entrepreneur and HuffPost. She has appeared on podcasts like B2B Growth, The How of Business Podcast, and Growth Experts. 


If you want to talk all things plant-based, Diana is your go-to. She's also a self- proclaimed minimalist, and mom to one sweet little girl. 


If you want to talk all things plant-based, Diana is your go-to. She's also a self- proclaimed minimalist, and mom to one sweet little girl. 

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Diana Mitchell
Senior Writer 

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Michelle brings more than 20 years of experience creating and delivering corporate communications programs, including PR and media relations, internal communications, content strategy, social media engagement, and analyst relations.
She has served clients in industries as diverse as HR tech, mobile payments, fintech and banking, retail technology, manufacturing, and supply chain/logistics. Michelle is skilled at building and executing results-based programs that drive her clients’ organizational objectives.


Michelle Meek is a passionate environmental conservation and racial equity advocate. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, two sons, and two dogs.

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Michelle Meek
Public Relations Strategist 

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Remember, how you say something is as important as what you say.
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